Carburetor Diaphragm GY6 150 157QMJ Scooter Moped ATV

Carburetor Diaphragm GY6 150 157QMJ Scooter Moped ATV
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This is a new Carburetor Diaphragm (2 5/16", 58.5mm diameter, Piston Diameter 7/8", 21.9mm, Piston Length 1 1/2", 38mm) for the 4 stroke GY6 150 engines. A weak, torn or leaking diaphragm that will not allow you to get top performance or go to full speed. Ethenol fuel plays havok with our diaphragms.

Mechanics Note: If the engine is sluggish or won't allow you to run her up much past half on the throttle, and you are having difficulty getting her to full speed, look in the carburetor with the intake boot off, and see if the diaphragm is going all the way up. If it fails to do so, it is torn or leaking and you have found your problem.

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