CDI AC 6 Pin 4 Stroke GY6

CDI AC 6 Pin 4 Stroke GY6
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This is a 6-pin standard replacement AC fired CDI is for most GY6 Chinese engines. 139QMB, 157QMI, 157QMJ (This CDI has the 6-pin rounded receiver.) There is also a less common DC fired CDI availiable.  This CDI is found on the Baja, JMstar, Jonway, Lance, NST, Peace, Roketa, Sunl, Tank, TNG, Vento, VIP and many others....

Mechanics Note: According to the experts, there is only one true way to know whether you have an AC or DC system. First, be sure your battery is fully charged and your fuse is good. Second, turn the key on, but DO NOT start your engine.  Using this CDI pin configuration:

[ 1 2 ][ 5 ]
[ 3 4 ][ 6 ]

with a voltage tester and leaving everything hooked up normal, go in through the top, through the wires until you have contact, check the #6 pin to see if it has 12v present?  Your system is DC  if you have 12V.  If not voltage then it is an AC system. Your AC system can have over 50v AC while cranking.

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