TNG Milano, Lance Venice Style (1200-900)

The TNG Milano, Lance Venice Style scooters include the Bashan Classic, Dazon Sicylian, Lance Venice, Moto Fino MF50QT-2, Roketa Sicily MC-17, Schwinn Newport, Tank Viaggio, TNG Milano, Zhen Lance Venice ZN150T-20 and many others....

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Brake Light Switch Hydraulic GY6 50 150 250 Scooter Moped ATV B-1-1002-2001
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You have two brake switches on the GY6 139QMB, this is the larger type... found less often. (Measures approx. 12 1/2", 317mm)  They are found on the Bashan Classic, Dazon Sicilian, Lance Venice, Moto Fino MF50QT-2, Roketa Sicily MC-17, Schwinn Newport, Tank Viaggio, TNG Milano, Wanjie Big Chief, Zhen Lance Venice ZN150t-20 scooter and many others.

Mechanics Note: The brake switch on a scooter is not just to illuminate the brake light; it is also a safety switch to start the engine. If nothing happens when you push the start button, think about getting one or both of the brakes switches on your model.

Key Set Ignition Switch Milano Style Scooter Moped 1200-900-1021-0009
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This TNG Milano style Ignition Key Set has the cable operated remote seat latch. This set comes with a locking gas cap, ignition module and seat latch. This set is used on the Dazon Sicilian, Lance Venice, Roketa Sicily MC-17, Tank Viaggio, TNG Milano, Znen classic style and many more...

Steering Stem Bolt (M12 x 1.25 x 35) Classic Beauty Scooter Moped F-1040-0012-35-HB1.25
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Steering Stem Bolt, (M12 x 1.25 x 35), Classic Beauty Scooters. Requires two bolts.  This bolt also has many more uses.

Steering Stem Triple Tree Classic Beauty Style Scooter Moped ST-1-1033-0006
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This is a quality steering column, Steering Stem/Triple Tree for the Classic Beauty style scooter design. This triple tree has a flat base with two 10mm square uprights, 20mm high. There is a keyway at the top right side of the stem. There is also a slot hole at mid-stem, on the back left side. Unlike all other triple tree bases, the bolt flange "pigeon toes" out on each side, at about 45 degrees. This base also has a "tongue", center bottom front 43mm long.  Classic Beauty style scooters include the Dazon Sicilian 125, Lance Venice 150, MotoFino MF50QT-2, Roketa Sicily MC-17 50 & 150, Schwinn Newport 150, TANK Urban Viaggio 50, Tank Viaggio 50cc, TNG Milano, Znen Lance Venice 150 ZN150T-20 and many others... The steering stem measurements are as follows:

  • Base/Triple tree width (outside to outside) 218mm, 21.8cm, 8 9/16"
  • Shaft length (top of stem to the top of the base/tree): 380mm, 38cm, 15"
  • Diameter of the shaft: Top: 23.5mm,  2.35cm,  15/16"   Bottom (above collar): 29.7mm, 2.97cm,  1 5/32"
  • Diameter of the (2) /shock/base holes: 32.8mm, 1 1/3"
  • Direction of the base/shock bolt flange: 45 degrees "pigeon toed" (1 bolt each side)
  • Distance between the base bolt flange (inside to inside): (1 bolt hole each side): 120mm, 12cm, 4 3/4" 
  • Length of cut-out/notch at top of stem: None
  • Length of the keyway from the top down: 100mm, 10cm, 3 15/16"
  • Distance from the top of the stem to the hole in the stem: 17.3mm, 1.73cm, 11/16"
  • Size of the shaft hole: 9.59mm, .96cm, 3/8"
  • Length from the top of the stem to the beginning of the threads on the shaft: 59mm, 5.9cm, 2 5/16"
  • Length from the top of the stem to the slot on the back left side: 121.3mm, 12.1cm, 4 3/4"
  • Length of the slot: 24.5mm, 24.5cm, 1"
  • Width of the slot: 10.3mm, 1.03cm, 13/32"
  • Bolts (2) M12x1.25x35mm (Part # F-1040-0012-35-HB1.25)