Clutch Torque Spring 1K 1000 RPM Racing GY6 150 157QMJ Scooter Moped ATV

Clutch Torque Spring 1K 1000 RPM Racing GY6 150 157QMJ Scooter Moped ATV
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These are performance torque springs for the Chinese made GY6, 4T, 125/150cc engine 152QMI, 152QMJ, 157QMI, 157QMJ installed on scooters, quads, mopeds, ATVs, buggies and go-karts. These come in 1K, 1.5K, and 2K spring rates.  These are Performance Torque Springs to maximize your engine's torque and response. These top performing springs will give you back your acceleration, hill climbing ability and make your machine run as a top performer once again. Torque springs should be changed about every 800 miles because of heat and fatigue.

Mechanic Note: Torque Springs come in (3) different rates or RPM ratings, 1000 (1K) often Blue, 1500 (1.5K) often Yellow, and 2000 (2K) often RED. The lowest rated 1K may give you a higher speed overall but will engage at a lower RPM on take-off. If you or your scoot are heavy, you may be disappointed in the initial torque, take off and acceleration. The 1K will also have the hardest time "pulling the hills". On the other end the 2K will give you the greatest grabbing power and a higher RPM at take-off, and will pull the hills the best, but may be slower in speed overall. The 1.5K is in the middle. If you go with a heavier torque spring, you may want to go to a slightly higher variator roller or slider weight. At the same time, if you go to a lower RPM spring, you may need to go to a lighter weight. It is a fine line to find balance between torque spring and variator roller weight, achieved only through trial and error 

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