Finding Chinese Scooter Parts

Don't Search by Brand

Chinese scooter, moped, ATV, go kart, quad, and buggy parts are identified by the engine number (139QMB, 157QMJ, 1PE40QMB, etc...) and not by the brand, make or model, as is done in the USA and other places around the world.

Chinese Engine Number

How to Find Your Engine Number

There is an engine number on the very bottom, left side of the engine, below the belt cover, near where the kick stand area would be (on the side, but  at the very bottom).  There should be two numbers engraved on the engine, one is the engine number and the other a *serial number*.

The engine number for the Honda style horizontal engines is often located on the right side of the engine and has an "F" in the number (1P50FMG, 1P52FMH, 1P56FMI, etc...).

Once you have your "engine number" then look in the drop down list above, under Standard Parts or Performance Parts, to find the parts that you need. (Listed alphabetically)