Fuel Valve M14 x1.0 Eton E-ton Beamer I Eton Beamer II Scooters 750128

Fuel Valve M14 x1.0 Eton E-ton Beamer I Eton Beamer II Scooters 750128
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This vacuum operated, tank-mounted, fuel valve petcock (aka fuel pump) is found on the 2005 & earlier and 2006 - 2010 E-TON Beamer PN, PN2, PN2B, PN2C, PN2D, and PN2G, with OEM part numbers 750128 .  This valve has been known to fit some Benelli, Diamo, Eurastrada Rx8 50cc 2T, Honda's, Honda Aero 83 - 84, Honda Spree 83 -84,  Keeway, Matrix 50, some QJ scooters such as QJ B08, Strada RX8, Velocity GTX 50, Vento Phantom R4I and Vento Triton, Yamati,.  These valves often go bad or are suspect.

Please check your measurements before ordering since we sell 3 different fuel valves which look exactly alike with the only difference being the internal measurements. All 3 valves have a 22mm nut.

Please note that Eton uses two different fuel valves. Some Eton products such as the Viper, Yukon and Yukon II take our other listing, the M16x1.0 Fuel Valve,   Please measure the nipple on the bottom of your tank or the inside diameter of the valve nut to see if it is M14 (.55", just under 9/16") or 16mm (.62" 5/8")  to be sure you are ordering the correct one for your engine.  Both Valves have a wrench size of 22mm to remove the nut and valve.


  • Valve Nut I/D: 14mm
  • Tank Nipple O/D: 13.99mm
  • Nipple Threads; Very- Fine
  • Nut Wrench Size: 22mm




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