50cc, 2-Stroke, (D1E41QMB), Geely Qingqi, Suzuki TB-50

The Geely Qingqi (D1E41QMB)  is a Suzuki reproduction 50cc vertical, single-cylinder, 2 stoke, forced air engine.  This engine has a displacement of 49cc. The bore size is 41mm with a stroke of 37mm. The transmission is a CVT automatic transmission.  These can be started using either electric or kick start. 

This engine, made by Qingqi, is one of the most common engines used on scooters and mopeds in China and other parts of the world.  Other 50cc engine numbers include the D1E41QMB02, H1E41QMB, H1E41QMB-A and LC1E41QMB. This engine is used on the Qingqi QMQT50-B2, VERUCCI VC50TS-3m, early 1990s Verucci (Division of Qingqi) models and newer pre 2007 models and mini ATVs including the Taizhou ATV50-1.

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Brake Light Switch Small End GY6 Honda Scooter Moped ATV B-1-1002-2002
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This is the smaller... most common brake switch found on the GY6 139QMB. (Measures approx. 11", 279mm) Brands and models include the Baja, JMstar, Jonway, Lance, NST, Peace, Roketa, Sunl, Tank, TNG, Vento, VIP, and many others.

Mechanics Note: The brake switch on a scooter is not just to illuminate the brake light; it is also a safety switch to start the engine. If nothing happens when you push the start button, think about getting one or both of these. Remember, you have two brake switches

Brake Switch with Spring Rear Foot Activated B-1-1002-2005
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Rear Brake Stop Switch and Spring for foot activated rear brake on many scooters and motorcycles.

Fuel Filter In line Universal B-1-1016-0001
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This is a standard universal in-line fuel filter for your scooters, buggies, quads, ATVs, go-karts, dirt bikes and pit bikes.

Fuel Valve M16X1.5 GY6 139QMB 157QMJ 172MM Scooter Moped ATV 1-1016-1002
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This is the most commonly found tank mounted Fuel Valve Petcock, (M16x1.5), GY6-50, GY6-125, GY6-150, GY6-250, 139QMB, 152QMI, 152QMJ, 157QMI, 157QMJ, 172MM, vacuum operated, fits Baja, Jonway, JMstar, Peace, Lance, NST,  Roketa, Sunl, Tank, TNG, Vento, VIP, as well as others.


  • Valve Nut I/D: 16mm +
  • Tank Nipple O/D: 15.75mm
  • Nipple Threads; Semi- Fine
  • Nut Wrench Size: 22mm
Fuse GY6 Scooter Moped Quad ATV Go Karts B-1-1049-0003
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This is the standard replacement barrel fuse for all GY6 scooters, ATVs, quads and buggies. It is good to have extras when you need them.

Wrist Pin Needle Bearing (10mm) JOG Minarelli Qingqi D1E41QMB 1PE40QMB 2 Stroke B-300-1000-0001
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Wrist Pin Needle Bearing 10mm. Fits many makes and models including QM50QT-B2 50cc 2-stroke scooters, D1E41QMB 2 stroke, JOG Minarelli.


  • I/D: 10.26mm
  • O/D on Bearings: 13.4mm
  • O/D On Frame End: 13.8mm
  • Length: 12.69mm