Stator Magneto Generator AC 6 Pole 6 Coil 5 Wire GY6 50 139QMB

Stator Magneto Generator AC 6 Pole 6 Coil 5 Wire GY6 50 139QMB
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This is the AC 6-pole, 5-wire Stator Magneto Generator for the GY6 50cc engines and for many others including some Chinese 2-strokes. This stator is also available in 8-pole. This stator has a total of 5 wires, 2 singles and 3 more in a 3-plug connector. The 3 wires in the connector are color-coded green, white and yellow. The two single wires are black/red and blue/white stripe.  This wiring harness is easily modified to fit your GY6 system. You can use this system to convert an unwanted DC fired system into an AC firing system. The stator also includes the ignition pick up. These are found on Baja, JMstar, Jonway, Lance, NST, Peace, Roketa, Sunl, Tank, TNG, Vento, VIP and many others.

Mechanics Note : Both the 6 and 8-pole stator will work on any GY6 50cc 139QMB (and many others like 2-strokes) as long as you have a matching 6 or 8-pole flywheel rotor to go with it and have 5-wires. When you order a stator generator, be sure it matches the number of poles your rotor was made for. And in reverse, if you order a flywheel rotor, be sure it matches the number of poles on your stator. If you need both, order a matching 6 or 8-pole stator generator and flywheel rotor.  These can come either AC or DC so be sure it fits your engines electrical system.

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