Steering Stem Triple Tree Zip Hurricane Style Scooter Moped

Steering Stem Triple Tree Zip Hurricane Style Scooter Moped
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This is a quality steering column, Steering Stem/Triple Tree for the Hurricane Zip style scooter design. At the base of the stem and on top of the triple tree, is a crown-like structure. This triple tree base is flat with 2 Irregular uprights on either side of the stem measuring approx. 15mm by 15mm at the base and 24mm high. At the back of the stem, there is a notch cut into the stem, to right of center, approx. 30mm from the top of the stem. Unlike some stems, there is no hole at the top of the stem. There is a keyway directly to the front, running from the top of the stem to the bottom of the threads. There is a slot hole at mid-stem on the back left. There are 3 round "tongues" (approx. 15mm) protruding from the base, one front and center, and two in the back. The back right one has a threaded receiver.  On the back lower center of the base, the is a wire attached. Hurricane style scooters include the Baja SC50 Sun City 2007, Keeway Hurricane, MotoMojo Uptown 50, TNG LS49, Vento Zip and many others... The steering stem measurements are as follows:

  • Base/Triple tree width (outside to outside) 212mm, 21cm, 8 11/32"
  • Shaft length (top of stem to the top of the base/tree): 350mm, 35cm, 13 3/4"
  • Diameter of the shaft: Top: 23mm,  2.3cm,  29/32"   Bottom (above collar): 25mm, 2.5cm,  1 "
  • Diameter of the (2) /shock/base holes: 25mm, 2.5cm, 1 "
  • Direction of the base/shock bolt flange: Point directly forward (1 bolt each side)
  • Distance between the base bolt flange (center to center): (1 bolt each side): 130mm, 13cm, 5 1/8" 
  • Length of cut-out/notch at top of stem: 9mm, 09cm, 3/8"
  • Length of the keyway from the top down through the threads: 100mm,  10cm, 3 15/16"
  • Distance from the top of the stem to the hole in the stem: None
  • Size of the shaft hole: None
  • Length from the top of the stem to the beginning of the threads on the shaft: 59.85mm, 5.99cm, 2 3/8"
  • Length from the top of the stem to the slot on the back left side: 180mm, 18cm, 7 1/16"
  • Length of the slot: 25.27mm, 2.5cm, 1"
  • Width of the slot: 10.27mm, 1.03cm, 13/32"
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