TNG Milano, Lance Venice Style (1200-900)

The TNG Milano, Lance Venice Style scooters include the Bashan Classic, Dazon Sicylian, Lance Venice, Moto Fino MF50QT-2, Roketa Sicily MC-17, Schwinn Newport, Tank Viaggio, TNG Milano, Zhen Lance Venice ZN150T-20 and many others....

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Key Set Ignition Switch Milano Style Scooter Moped 1200-900-1021-0009
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This TNG Milano style Ignition Key Set has the cable operated remote seat latch. This set comes with a locking gas cap, ignition module and seat latch. This set is used on the Dazon Sicilian, Lance Venice, Roketa Sicily MC-17, Tank Viaggio, TNG Milano, Znen classic style and many more...

Steering Stem Bolt (M12 x 1.25 x 35) Classic Beauty Scooter Moped F-1040-0012-35-HB1.25
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Steering Stem Bolt, (M12 x 1.25 x 35), Classic Beauty Scooters. Requires two bolts.  This bolt also has many more uses.

Steering Stem Triple Tree Classic Beauty Style Scooter Moped ST-1-1033-0006
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This is a quality steering column, Steering Stem/Triple Tree for the Classic Beauty style scooter design. This triple tree has a flat base with two 10mm square uprights, 20mm high. There is a keyway at the top right side of the stem. There is also a slot hole at mid-stem, on the back left side. Unlike all other triple tree bases, the bolt flange "pigeon toes" out on each side, at about 45 degrees. This base also has a "tongue", center bottom front 43mm long.  Classic Beauty style scooters include the Dazon Sicilian 125, Lance Venice 150, MotoFino MF50QT-2, Roketa Sicily MC-17 50 & 150, Schwinn Newport 150, TANK Urban Viaggio 50, Tank Viaggio 50cc, TNG Milano, Znen Lance Venice 150 ZN150T-20 and many others... The steering stem measurements are as follows:

  • Base/Triple tree width (outside to outside) 218mm, 21.8cm, 8 9/16"
  • Shaft length (top of stem to the top of the base/tree): 380mm, 38cm, 15"
  • Diameter of the shaft: Top: 23.5mm,  2.35cm,  15/16"   Bottom (above collar): 29.7mm, 2.97cm,  1 5/32"
  • Diameter of the (2) /shock/base holes: 32.8mm, 1 1/3"
  • Direction of the base/shock bolt flange: 45 degrees "pigeon toed" (1 bolt each side)
  • Distance between the base bolt flange (inside to inside): (1 bolt hole each side): 120mm, 12cm, 4 3/4" 
  • Length of cut-out/notch at top of stem: None
  • Length of the keyway from the top down: 100mm, 10cm, 3 15/16"
  • Distance from the top of the stem to the hole in the stem: 17.3mm, 1.73cm, 11/16"
  • Size of the shaft hole: 9.59mm, .96cm, 3/8"
  • Length from the top of the stem to the beginning of the threads on the shaft: 59mm, 5.9cm, 2 5/16"
  • Length from the top of the stem to the slot on the back left side: 121.3mm, 12.1cm, 4 3/4"
  • Length of the slot: 24.5mm, 24.5cm, 1"
  • Width of the slot: 10.3mm, 1.03cm, 13/32"
  • Bolts (2) M12x1.25x35mm (Part # F-1040-0012-35-HB1.25)